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LETTER: We must all be informed, vocal and active when it comes to our climate

- Reuters

In Jasmine Burt’s June 10 Telegram article “Climate change, or climate crisis?” Avalon farmers and a tourist guide responded from day-to-day observation: yes, seeds germinate, mature, there is enough sun, warmth, rain; crops are harvested and marketed. Our provincial government provides more support for commercial farming.

Yes, tourists throng, travelling many kilometres to view icebergs (gravestones from the melting polar cap).

In unison, they replied “climate change.” 

Burt turned to three MUN academics: a MUN geographer received a contract re: “NL climate Change

Projections-FAQ’s” — “We have to start fighting climate change if we don’t want to worry.”

Meanwhile, the MUN Chair of Environmental Studies is worried: “If mitigation and adaptation strategies

are not implemented … a very alarming situation will occur … natural calamities … quality of vegetables,

crops, and meat will deteriorate. He researches means to increase crop production in N.L.

Had Burt deepened her question, what would she have heard?: “I’m asking not just if you experience climate change, or climate crisis, but, is your ear to the ground, can you walk in another’s shoes?”  

Our MUN economics/environmental studies professor with colleagues, responded to the N.L. government discussion document on Climate Change, stating: “The international scientific consensus on climate change indicates that climate change will have devastating, far-reaching impacts on all aspects of our society, environment and economy.”

Our Telegram’s career meteorologist is in complete agreement warning us that “doing nothing would be a disaster for the planet and the economy.”  

Beekeepers and the two Labradorians truly reply from their hearts. 

Beekeepers know that without insects to pollinate blossoms, there will be no fruit.

And indigenous Labradorians live daily what we islanders presently only experience vicariously. 

“I think it has always been going like this and we are just opening our eyes.” And “this is the boat that’s going down.”

I pray that our local, provincial, and federal politicians avoid debating: “change” or “crisis” and instead,

courageously forget re-election, co-operating to enact and follow through on legislation to turn our climate tide now. 

In our turn, I and you, ourselves, as common citizens must be informed, vocal, active and support the courageous. 

Penny Allderdice,
St. John’s


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