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NICHOLAS MERCER: Another decade in the books

The year 2019 means the closing of a decade. 123RF STOCK PHOTO
The year 2019 means the closing of a decade. 123RF STOCK PHOTO - 123RF Stock Photo

Boy, does time go fast. 


Here we are at the turn of a new decade. 

Just think about that. 

With the arrival of 2020 we embark on another decade. 

With that in mind, perhaps it is time for a little personal reflection. 

The decade started with my finishing one degree and starting a second. It included moving to a new province, going back to the old one, and starting a new profession. 

In that profession, I’ve spent much of the last 10 years working for various publications across the province. 

Likewise in those years, I’ve made some good friends and reacquainted with old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. 

I discovered how much I love coaching, and a love for old soul music I didn’t know I had. 

Maybe I gained a bit of perspective as well. 

I no longer worry about things I can’t control. I spend my energy in other areas now. 

I’m in a good place. 

There is one question as this decade draws to a close. 

What now? 

I guess the cliché thing is to say, I’m going to make this decade my best one yet. Nothing is going to top what I do in the next 10 years. . 

As you grow older, it gets harder to compare the decades of your life. Each stage is filled with different sets of highs, lows and in-betweens that it becomes impossible to compare them. 

Think about it. If your teens are called the best years of your life, how can anything else top that going forward? 

Marriage and children might make the next decade the best, but is it any better than the previous one? 

Probably not. It is just that your life goals evolved with time and the time period reflects that evolution. 

With that in mind, I choose to keep moving forward without the pressure of doing things better than I’ve done them before. 

Things happen for a reason, they say, but trying to force a peg into a square hole doesn’t work. 

If something great happens, that's cool. If something great doesn’t happen, that's cool, too. 

Either way, I’m not going to get torn up about it in this new decade. 

Maybe, I’ll try to travel a little bit more. 

Life isn’t about trying to constantly outdo yourself. 

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