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Drover won't rule out comeback

St. John's native Geoff Drover - who played five years in the CFL between 2001-2005 - was a guest player Sunday with The Outlaws of the St. John's Touch Football league.
Drover is in St. John's over the next few weeks on vacation from his job as a strength and conditioning coach with the Canadian Forces in Ottawa.
Drover - the first and only Newfoundlander to play in the CFL - had his career cut short by a chronic bone spur in his right ankle. But the 31-year-old isn't closing the door on a comeback to the CFL. Plans to return an Ottawa-based team to the CFL have peaked Drover's interest.
"(A comeback) would be super and if Ottawa can get a team before too long maybe I can beg for a tryout. I joke with my boss that I am going to conveniently take my holidays during tryouts in 2010. The ankle is functional, but my range of motion is not what it used to be and certain positions still cause discomfort," said Drover.
Drover had 29 catches for 458 receiving yards and one touchdown for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He scored the winning touchdown Sunday on a deep pass from quarterback Chris Wheeler as The Outlaws beat The Edge 18-13.

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