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St. John's Junior Hockey League takes break for exams, holds draft

The St. John’s Junior Hockey League doesn’t have any games this week — it’s on an exam break until Dec. 16 — but it doesn’t mean the league hasn’t been active.


The league staged its second draft this week, which saw 16 players selected.

With the draft order based on the current standings, the Northeast Eagles had the first pick, followed by the C.B.N. Stars, Trinity-Placentia Flyers, CBR Renegades, Avalon Capitals, Mount Pearl Blades, St. John’s Caps and Southern Shore Breakers.

The following players were selected:


Round 1

1. Northeast, Lucas Reid; 2. C.B.N., Cass Warren; 3. TP, Nathan Ledrew; 4. CBR, Aaron Myles; 5. Avalon, Justin Compton; 6. Mount Pearl, Adam Sceviour; 7. St. John’s, Joseph Pittman; 8. Southern Shore, Hayden Sampson

Round 2

9. Northeast, Marc Blanchard; 10. C.B.N., Leo Ford; 11. TP, Eric McKay; 12. CBR, pass as roster was full at 25 players; 13. Avalon, pass as roster was full at 25 players; 14. Mount Pearl, Matthew Farwell; 15. St. John’s, pass as roster was full at 25 players; 16. Southern Shore, Jonathan Cashin

Round 3

17. Northeast, Colton Roberts; 18. C.B.N. – pass; 19. TP – pass; 20. CBR – pass; 21. Avalon – pass; 22. Mount Pearl , Terrell James; 23. St. John’s – pass; 4. Southern Shore , Zack Ozon


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