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National Basketball League of Canada set to release 2019-20 schedule today

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Play will begin later than last season, with a Boxing Day start-up

The National Basketball League of Canada is set to release its 2019-20 regular-season schedule today.

It has been known for some time that thee 2019-20 NBL Canada season is set to begin on Boxing Day, but the release of a detailed list of games was delayed as the league sorted out its roster of teams, including confirmation of the St. John’s Edge, which came about when the team recently agreed to a new lease deal at Mile One Centre.

The late December start is about a month later than last season, when NBLC games began in November.

However, with the number of league teams down to eight from 10, there is expected to be a reduction in the number of games each team plays, with some reports suggesting it will be 36 games as opposed to the 40 they played in 2018-19. That would make for 144 total regular-season games, as opposed to 200 as there were in 2018-19, allowing for a more condensed schedule.


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