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Edge will begin season-ticket sales on Friday

Here's the graphic that accompanied the St. John's Edge's social media posts announcing season ticket sales.
Here's the graphic that accompanied the St. John's Edge's social media posts announcing season ticket sales.

Prices for 20-game schedule range from $200 in upper reaches of Mile One to just over $720 for courtside seats

The St. John’s Edge have just under a month before their first-ever NBL Canada game and just over six weeks before their Dec. 1 home-court debut at Mile One Centre, which doesn’t leave much time to clew up all the business that goes with launching an expansion team.

Tops on the list are the matters of roster-building, which is already underway, and selling tickets, which starts Friday at noon at Mile One.

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The team is beginning with season-ticket sales, announcing the pricing package for the same on Tuesday.

Prices range from $200 for tickets in the upper-most rows at the ends of what will be a horseshoe seating configuation at Mile One to $723.80 for front-row seats on the very edge of the court.

All prices include taxes and surcharges.

The Edge will play a 20-game regular-season home schedule, meaning (for season tickets) the average price per game ranges from $10 in the upper rows to $36.19 for the courtside seats.

Other posted season ticket prices (average per game in brackets) are $335 ($16.50) in the upper sections and lower ends, $380.40 ($19.02) in the lower centre section and $652 ($32.60) for floor seats, which are those behind those at courtside.

Given the configuration (the Zamboni/north end will be curtained off), it’s expected maximum attendance will be around 4,800, not counting those who will be occupying the stadium’s corporate suites.

The team plans to begin selling five- and 10-game packages on Friday, Oct. 27, with single-seat sales to follow after that..


Other teams' season-ticket prices

For comparison purposes, here are ranges of posted season-ticket prices for NBL Canada’s Maritime-based teams:


Moncton Magic: $300-$870

Saint John Riptide: $306-$650

Cape Breton Highlanders: $260-$700

Halifax Hurricanes: $260-$990

Island (P.E.I.) Storm: $320-$1,060


It should be noted that many of the teams offer various discounts for season-ticket purchases by/for seniors, students, children and/or members of the military.

For example, for season tickets in the lower-bowl, the Hurricanes, who have a a capacity of about 10,000 for basketball at the Scotiabank (fomerly Metro) Centre, charge $200 for seniors (60+) and members of the military, $155 for students and $40 for children who are 12 and under and accompanied by an adult.

The Highlanders do not sell season tickets in the outer bowl, charging $10 per game.

Most of the teams also have additional surcharges for so-called premium/VIP packages associated with sideline seats.










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