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Goodyear Cup final slated Saturday

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Defending champs Dogs from Mount Pearl and the Swilers will bang heads today in the final of the Goodyear Cup St. John’s senior A rugby championship 4 p.m. at the Swilers RFC in St. John’s.

The Dogs enter the game as slight favourites after ending the Swilers’ 14-year domination of the Goodyear Cup last season with their first-ever senior A championship win.

Earlier this season, the Dogs won the Collins Cup in summer league play, and the Swilers won the B league Sully Cup.


Captain Matthew Smallwood, Stephen Mallard, Thomas Hagan, Owen Parfrey, Aaron Burrows, Chris Burt, Dennis Sutton, Keiran Lacey, Stefan Barter, Jack McCann, Jonah Nadler, Devin Lacey, Daniel Jones, Andrew McCabe, Matthew McCabe, Kyle McGuirk, Adam Turner, Michael McCarthy, Thomas Hagan, Bobby Greene, Liam Slade, Zac Coughlan, Daniel Lantos, James Duguid, Evan Mackenzie and Bradley Follett


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