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It was a pretty much a breeze for defending champs at Royal St. John's Regatta time trials


Outer Cove, m5 have best clockings, finishing well ahead of runners-up

As expected, the defending champions both looked very much like the teams to beat as the time trials for the 2018 Royal St. John's Regatta were held at Quidi Vidi Lake over the weekend.

The Outer Cove male crew and m5 females had the top times by wide margins in trials races conducted over two days.

The trials for the 200th anniversary Regatta were scheduled to be done Saturday, but breezy conditions postponed most of the races set for that afternoon. Races resumed Sunday, but even then, the wind had its say and prevented five squirt races from going ahead.

The Regatta Committee is looking at possibility of having the remaining squirts race on some day this week, although there is no confirmation of the plans.

Over 100 crews did compete Saturday and Sunday, with Outer Cove posting a time of nine minutes and 52.07 seconds, more than 33 seconds ahead of the next-fastest men’s crew. That was Smith Stockley ay 10:25.36.

In the senior female division, which featured 56 crew, m5’s 5:18.03 put them more than 12 seconds ahead The Cahill Group, with the second-fastest time in the division.

As dominant as Outer Cove and m5 were, neither posted times that would have been close to challenging the course records at Quidi Vidi — 8:51.32 by Crosbie Industrial Services (men, 2007) and 4:56.70 by OZ-FM (women, 2003). However, the less-than-ideal pond conditions over the weekend would have added considerably to the times of all racers.

Speaking of OZ-FM, that Hall of Fame crew has reassemble for the 200th anniversary Regatta in sort of a come-home-year effort, and despite being more than a decade removed from their competitive days, posted a more than respectable time in the trials, a 5:51.35 that makes them the seventh seed in the women’s division.

Crews with OZ-FM sponsorship won 10 women’s championships between 1988 and 2006.

The aim of the trials is to have teams with comparable times grouped together for individual Regatta Day races, making for more even competition.

Teams are slotted for Regatta Day races within their gender/age-groups based upon times they row in the trial heats. The crew with the fastest time in its time-trial division gets to select the boat and stake of its choice for the Regatta, with the process continuing with the crew owning the second-fastest time, and so on.

Captain of the course Bradley Power will take all of the times from the trials and use them to create a master schedule for the Regatta, set for Wednesday, Aug. 1.


Time trial results

Times, by gender/age-group divisions, in the weekend time trials for the 2018 Royal St. John’s Regatta:

Senior Male

9:52.07            Outer Cove

10:25.36          Smith Stockley Rowing Club

10:40.92          NTV

10:48.43          Fine Strokes/Cardinal Homes

11:25.72          Nautical Nellies

11:39.06          Key Assets

11:51.83          Wade’s Excavating

12:08.88          Ricanna Petroleum Consulting

12:13.98          Domino’s Pizza

12:14.59          NF Power

12:17.94          French and Associates Lawyers

12:21.82          Mallard Cottage

12:26.14          Team Broken Earth

12:26.51          Blue Driver

13:01.82          Charisma Etc.

13:06.39          Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises

13:07.63          The Newfoundland Herald

13:16.55          Universal Corporate Wear Men

13:16.70          St. John’s Firefighters

13:19.45          Go! Store

13:37.00          Epiroc

Master Male

11:23.89          Lamb’s Masters Men

11:48.51          Carroll Group

12:07.91          Hearn Distributing

12:54.97          Smith Stockley

14:31.61          Total Insulation/Sable Design and Building

14:54.44          Nautilus Masters Rowers

15:39.91          Anderson McTague Masters Men

Juvenile Boys

12:17.08          Paul’s Juvenile Boys Crew

13:47.09          Allstar Rebar

Senior Female

5:18.05            m5 Group

5:30.13            The Cahill Group

5:43.59            Steers Insurance

5:44.23            Dawe & Burke

5:45.22            Bern Tobin Royal Lepage Atlantic Homestead

5:47.83            Pouch Cove Pharmacy

5:51.35            OZFM Women’s Crew

5:54.34            Sea-Force Diving

5:59.23            O’Dea Earle

6:05.81            A Fitness

6:08.37            India Gate

6:17.03            Avalon Animal Hospital

6:17.44            St. John’s Fish Exchange

6:21.31            Cahill Construction

6:21.69            TLC Nursing and Homecare

6:29.62            TechLift

6:30.40            Marie’s Mini Mart

6:30.44            BreatheWell Respiratory Clinic Inc.

6:32.32            Marco

6:34.63            First General

6:37.00            Atlantic Towing

6:41.68            Magna Contracting

6:44.54            Kvaerner

6:50.20            Royal Canadian Legion-Branch 1

6:50.40            Compusult

6:50.47            The Bigs Ultimate Sports Grill

7:06.62            Capital Subaru

7:07.97            Yoga Therapy NL

7:08.70            Christian’s Pub

7:08.77            Coastal Safety Management

7:11.84            Chatters

7:12.00            PF Collins

7:19.67            LCP Nautical Ltd. (Junior)

7:20.17            Freedom Foods

7:20.73            USW

7:22.69            CAF Women

7:23.31            Sisters in Fitness Rowing Crew

7:25.19            Key Assets

7:25.84            Travel Unlimited

7:33.31            Stream Team

7:34.11            Pacemakers

7:35.88            The Colour Palette

7:41.59            Wade Abbott Dentisry

7:43.65            Triple E Painters

7:46.15            Arthur James

7:49.29            Corcoran Contracting

7:50.53            UCW Ladies

7:55.63            John Callahan Hanlon Reality

7:55.77            Shed City

7:58.29            Avara FAST RNs

8:00.72            Skipper Ring’s Rowing Crew

8:06.40            Harvey’s Home Heating

8:08.17            Roots (Intermediate)

8:18.80            Body Quest

8:23.43            Go! Store Petroservice

8:24.39            The Telegram

9:27.30            In the Box Media/Avalon Mall

Juvenile Female

6:04.43            Domino’s Ladies

7:04.95            O’Keefe Roofing

7:15.95            Paul’s Girls Crew

8:13.73            Skipper Ring’s Juvenile Crew

8:31.26            Colton’s Corner

Midget Male

6:09.25            Hickman Chrysler

6:31.68            Paul’s Midget Boys Crew

7:53.23            Home Port

8:27.38            Targa NL

Midget Female

6:50.35            Keep Cool Refrigeration

6:55.16            Martin Surveys

7:18:08            JAT Excavating

7:44.85            St. Bon’s Girls

8:09.73            Mary Brown’s Avalon Mall

8:27.40            Freightway International

9:59.47            Big Ben’s

10:13.31          Counter Corner


1:18.88            World Financial Group (Male)

1:21.02            Western Star Trucks (Male)

1:55.45            Tim’s/Trimmer Homes (Female)

14:31.61          Total Insulation/Sable Design and Building

15:39.91          Anderson McTague Masters Men

Master Female

6:17.42            Wedgewood Physio/Power Conditioning

7:06.75            The Mortgage Centre

7:47.84            Boulder Publications McDonald’s Home Hardware

8:48.07            Newfound Cabs

9:06.86            Belfor Women

Intermediate Female

7:06.76            Atlantic Inspection Service Ltd.

8:08.17            Roots

8:27.05            Westside Charlies/ Big Guys Fish & Chips

9:20.28            Speuata Security

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