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Sharpe prevails in main event of boxing card at Macdonald Drive JHS

——— - Joe Gibbons

Chris Sharpe of Rock Athletics defeated Nick Callahan of the host TRC club in a split decision in the main event of a 10-bout boxing card at Macdonald Drive Junior High School over the weekend. Another split-decision result, with James Thorne of TRC defeating Mitchell Lahey of the C.B.S. Boxing Club, earned fight of the afternoon honours:

Other results:

• Riley Yetman, TRC vs Brian Lahey, C.B.S. (no decision because of boxers’ age)

• Ethan Seaward, C.B.S. def. George Kent, TRC (UD)

• Zach Grant, TRC def. Nathan Ellard, TRC (SD)

• Justin Short, Mustang BC def. Matt Edison, TRC (UD)

• Ryan Kean, C.B.S. def. Jake Druken, TRC (UD)

• Noah Squires, TRC vs Christian Wiseman (exhibition)

• Korbin Sonley, Mustang BC def, Brandon Summers, TRC (UD)


Key: UD — Unanimous decision; SD — split decision

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