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TRC, C.B.S. boxers were busy in an 11-card bout

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TRC Boxing Club recently held an 11-bout show before a packed house at Macdonald Drive Junior High School, with  fighters from the TRC and the C.B.S. Boxing Club competing.

A fight between George Kent of TRC and Ethan Seaward of C.B.S, which ended in a split-decision win for Kent, was selected bout of the afternoon.

The card finished up with another fight that had a 2-1 decision, won by Nick Callahan of TRC over Mitchell Lahey of C.B.S. Both are set to be members of Newfoundland and Labrador’s boxing team at the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alta.


The results

• Tye Forsey vs Romeo Doyon: No decision because of age (6) of boxers

• Riley Yetman (TRC) def. Nathan Ellard (TRC) 3-0

• Logan Antle (TRC) def. Zachary Grant (TRC) 3-0

• Brandon Lahey (C.B.S.) def. Lucas Forsey (TRC) 3-0

• George Kent (TRC) def. Ethan Seaward (C.B.S.) 2-1

• Mike Gosine (C.B.S.) def. Eric Gaulton (TRC) 3-0

• Brody Yetman (TRC) def. Matt Edison (TRC) 3-0

• Jake Druken (TRC) def. Ryan Kane (C.B.S.) 2-1

• Noah Squires (TRC) def. Riely O’Brien (TRC) 3-0

• Brandon Summers (TRC) def. Ryan Guay (TRC) 2-1

• Nick Callahan (TRC) def. Mitchell Lahey (C.B.S.) 2-1

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