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ST. JOHN’S: Blame it on the jet stream!

The jet stream is overhead and that explains the persistent parade of storm systems tracking offshore. We’re between systems now and will enjoy a bit of a break. The arctic high-pressure system that was parked over central Quebec has started to sink southward and will soon allow for a return flow, or south-westerly circulation to set up across the region. Temperatures will return to near seasonal values for much of the weekend. In terms of weather, the next system is more likely to be a rain event, but there will be some mixing through central regions. Travel could be dicey Saturday afternoon with temperatures all around the freezing mark. That system won’t linger; clearing follows on Sunday with only a slight drop in temperature. By Tuesday, another offshore low will track this way. The exact location of the elusive rain/snow line is not yet clear. Tuesday could be a bit messy!

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