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CINDY DAY: Has Jack Frost left the region?

When is your garden most likely to be safe from frost? -yannikap
When is your garden most likely to be safe from frost? -yannikap - 123RF Stock Photo

Cindy Day
Cindy Day

Last Thursday, I got a call from a man who made a very good point. He said

that I have no problem telling you when the snow tires are coming off my car, so I shouldn’t hesitate to let you know when it’s safe to plant your petunias. Good point!

When it comes to last frost dates in the spring, we are dealing with “average” dates and they do fluctuate from year to year. So, instead of telling you when the delicate posies should go outside, I’ll let you decide, based on the 30-year average last frost dates for Atlantic Canada.


Yarmouth May 1

Halifax May 6

Kentville May 16

Shelburne May 16

Sydney May 24


Saint John May 18

Bathurst May 19

Fredericton May 20

Grand Falls May 24

Moncton May 24

Edmundston May 28


Summerside May 9

Charlottetown May 17

Tignish May 23


Corner Brook May 22

Windsor-Grand Falls June 2

St John’s June 2

Calculations are one thing, experience is another. Many people believe that you do not put any delicate plant material outside until after the last full moon in June.

Even if it might be a little too soon to pretty up your garden, it’s a perfect time to prepare the beds. 

Happy gardening!

Do you remember what the weather was like one year ago today?

May 1, 2017, the midday temperature in Charlottetown, P.E.I., was 9 C but it dropped to 4 late in the afternoon. There were showers and even a few overnight flurries on Prince Edward Island and a raw, east wind made it feel more like March!

In Halifax, N.S., the temperature was 5 C, but it dropped to 2 by noon. There were showers and flurries across much of the province.

In St. John’s, N.L., the sun was out, but it was a cool start to the new month. The afternoon high in St. John’s was only 4 C and a cold north wind served up a wind chill of -10! It didn’t get much warmer the next day: in fact, it snowed.

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network.

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