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CINDY DAY: Some things we take for granted, literacy is one

Reading takes you places you may never get the chance to visit.
Reading takes you places you may never get the chance to visit. - 123RF Stock Photo

In a few days I will have the pleasure of hosting a wonderful gala event – a fundraiser for Adult Literacy. Now there’s something many of us take for granted.

I love to read. I learned to read in a wooden trough in the barn. At milking time, Mom would bundle my sister and me up, pack a few books, and off we went to the barn. One of Mom’s many chores was to feed the little calves.

While she waited for Dad to milk the cows, Mom would read to us. When the milk was ready, she’d put down the book and feed the hungry babies – it probably only took a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t wait for Mom to come back – I couldn’t wait to learn to read!

Reading took me places I knew I would never get the chance to visit; it introduced me to people I would never meet.

Imagine not being able to read or properly comprehend instructions, recipes, greeting cards, etc. Today, most people can read but it’s not always enough.

By definition, literacy means the ability to read and write, but it’s much more than that. It is the ability to access, understand, and use information.

There are wonderful people who work tirelessly in many communities across Newfoundland and Labrador to ensure that adult learners have access to the services and the support they need to achieve their goals.

We go through life assuming that everyone has access to quality learning, essential skills, and lifelong learning opportunities. It’s time we stop assuming and start doing.

Thank you for reading the newspaper every day. To ensure that everyone can, please make a donation and start a conversation about literacy.

Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council:

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network.

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