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CINDY DAY: No weather is ill if the wind is still

April 23 - systems map
- Cindy Day

That’s what Grandma always said and wouldn’t that be a treat?

We have had more than our share of wind and not just this season. Many of you have observed the wind is stronger and more persistent than it was a decade or so ago.  That's a great observation and it's correct. I'll deal with the big picture at a later date. 

Let's talk about this week's chilly April wind. There's a closed low over Labrador and it's sitting in an upper trough that stretches over Eastern Canada. The outflow in that setup is funnelling air down between Baffin Island and Greenland. That's not a warm spring breeze! That flow is being interrupted today, as an area of low pressure tracks off the Atlantic Coast on its way to central Newfoundland. 

The cold north wind will return right behind that system. We're in for a little break during the weekend but the early part of next week looks messy. A developing Texas low will bring a mix of rain and wet snow, and yes, the cold north wind returns.

Our daytime temperatures will remain anywhere from four to eight degrees below normal through the early part of next week.

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