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CINDY DAY: Weather recap – one stitch at a time

Catherine Montgomery is holding up this year’s temperature blanket – which, of course, is not yet complete. - Wendy Oxley
Catherine Montgomery is holding up this year’s temperature blanket – which, of course, is not yet complete. - Wendy Oxley

I would be curious to know how often - in any given day - we start a conversation with the weather.   

In 2014, a report by Influence Communication analyzed all major news stories of the year and concluded that sports and weather-related news dominate our headlines. Not sure about sports these days, but the weather is still up there – literally!  

Don’t get me wrong; that is not a bad thing. We can learn a lot by observing the weather and its impact on the world around us. Data is collected and stored for that purpose.   

Last year, I became aware of another method of documenting weather for future reference; it involves collecting data and just enough yarn to make a blanket.  

I was introduced to the lovely work of Lori Mahar. She crocheted a blanked; it took her all year; not because she’s a slow crocheter, but because she had to wait to collect the daily temperature information.   

Now last month, I received this lovely email from Wendy Oxley:    

Hi Cindy - love your daily column in the CH and your public education mission. You make the science of weather come alive. I have a friend (Cat Montgomery) who knits weather blankets that are a very interesting chronicle of the year’s weather temperatures. She lives in Dartmouth and has knit two blankets. One of her blankets was rescued from a fire that destroyed their home but suffered only some minor scorching - which makes it even more interesting…”  

I had to know more, so I reached out to Catherine. After a lovely conversation with her, I decided I should make a temperature blanket. The thought of knitting an entire blanket seems daunting but Catherine assures me it’s an easy project – just one row a day and you’re there!   

I will be meeting with Catherine in January. I plan on preparing a video of my visit. If you’re interested in knitting a weather blanket, join me in January for a lesson from the pro!   

I’m signing off now until the new year, but I'm leaving you with something quite special. Last week, I asked for photo submissions – I was looking for adorable Christmas Pet Pics; and you certainly answered the call. Be sure to check out the photos in print and online through to the end of the month.   

I would like to wish everyone a magical and safe holiday season surrounded by traditions, both old and new.   

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network

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