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LETTER: Road to the Cape looks like a war zone

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

One of the best parts of a visit to the bird sanctuary at Cape St. Mary’s was the drive out along the 13-kilometre, narrow and bumpy, road from Branch to St. Brides Highway out to the Interpretation Centre at the Cape.

A few clumps of trees, here and there, lined both sides of the road. Driving along it was an incredible experience. Standing on it was special, especially on windy and foggy days.

But, this winter, a tree smasher was used to obliterate the trees along both sides of the road. The road is now a mess. It looks like a war zone.

It is hard to see why this was done. The road had been unchanged for decades. It was a major part of the Cape experience.

People with axes and chainsaws would have done a much neater job.

Because the terrain is wind swept, the trees were stunted and probably there for decades, if not centuries. They were home to many small birds.

They deserved a better ending.

Mike Hinchey,
St. John’s


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